Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Maximum Value Contiguous Subsequence :  Given a sequence of n real numbers A(1) ... A(n), determine a contiguous subsequence A(i) ... A(j) for which the sum of elements in the subsequence is maximized.

Kadane's algorithm

Kadane's algorithm consists of a scan through the array values, computing at each position the maximum (positive sum) subarray ending at that position. This subarray is either empty (in which case its sum is zero) or consists of one more element than the maximum subarray ending at the previous position. Thus, the problem can be solved with the following code, expressed here in Python:
def max_subarray(A):
    max_ending_here = max_so_far = 0
    for x in A:
        max_ending_here = max(0, max_ending_here + x)
        max_so_far = max(max_so_far, max_ending_here)
    return max_so_far

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